Transportable buildings offer an easy and affordable solution for short and long term temporary facilities. Our modular designs allow any buildings to be complexed together to provide endless options to suit your needs. 

All of our buildings are manufactured at our Darwin facility to the highest standard of quality.

Whether you are looking for a new or second hand buildings, contact our sales team and we will help you find what you are looking for. 


We offer a range of transportable building designs suitable for short to long term accommodation needs. These include shared bunkhouses, staff quarters, and living quarters.

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Office and Onsite Facilities

We design and manufacture standard and customised offices and facilities suitable for a wide range of clients and onsite development, construction and mining projects.

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Educational Facilities

NT Link has provided onsite training and induction facilities for many projects and we have a long history of providing custom designed educational facilities used for classrooms and schools.

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Health and Safety Facilities

We can supply specialised health care facilities for a range of long and short term applications, whether a simple temporary first aid building onsite through to full health care facilities for remote locations.

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Lunch Rooms / Cribs

Our lunch rooms and cribs offer a range of options for onsite break facilities, whether for a large or small work group.

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Kitchens and Recreational Facilities

We provide small and large camps with kitchen, diners and recreation facilities customised to meet the needs of different clients and customers.

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Toilets / Ablutions

We offer a variety of toilet and ablution facilities, ranging in sizes and floor plans from small single units to large custom designs.

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We provide domestic, commercial and industrial laundries, to accommodation the needs of small to large camps.

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